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Dec 24, 2012 11:35pm PST
? >> i had a beebe gun before that. >> reporter: today ralphie is all grown up. he is peter billingsley. >> are you surprised that people still recognize you and come up to you for that role? i watched someone out front come up to you. >> i look somewhat the same. >> reporter: the kid who almost shot his eye out first was messy marvin in a series of wildly popular hershey's chocolate syrup ads. but over the years he moved behind the camera, from "couple's retreat" to "the breakup" he is a successful hollywood producer and director. but after all this time he has never spoken in detail about the childhood role that followed him his whole life until now. >> the glasses were for real. i still wear contacts and need reading glasses. >> reporter: he agreed to speak with "nightline" at the opening of the musical he hopes to take all the way to broadway. yes, leg lamp and all, "a christmas story." >> no, no. i want -- air rifle. >> lends itself to song and dance. if you can imagine the idea of a leg lamp kick line. >> reporter: the play wouldn't exist if the movie was not embedded in american
Dec 7, 2012 5:30pm PST
. look at this face, because the producer might look familiar. peter billingsley, who was the first to ask for that bb gun. >> you'll shoot your eye out, kid. >> it was one of the first real portrayals of a family that we had seen. for so many families, at the holidays, it's the simplest things that can drive you the most crazy. trying to get a tree, trying to navigate school, trying to get your son dressed just to go out in the cold. wanting of that one gift that means the world to you. the movies had a lot of significance, obviously, in my life. >> reporter: did you ever want a bb gun? >> i actually got one last year. >> reporter: did you get the actual -- >> yes. actual red ryder coarbon action bb gun. >> come back! come back! >> the bell rang. >> reporter: the facial expressions from ralphie in that movie say it all. >> yes, the smile, everything, yes. >> reporter: do you have it? the smile? >> i think so. >> reporter: let me see. >> see the show. >> reporter: see the show. outside, the lines to see that show, to see ralphie and his one christmas wish. the same one peter billing
Dec 23, 2012 6:00am PST
-old peter billingsley looks familiar, that's because he played ralphie. >> it's the simple little things that drive you crazy around christmas. trying to get your little brother to eat, picking a tree, trying to cook a turkey, all those things. >> reporter: now billingsley is one of the producers of "a christmas story: the broadway musical." ♪ get there on the double! >> reporter: 12-year-old johnny rabb plays ralphie. ♪ ralphie too the rescue -- >> reporter: ten-year-old zach ballard is randy's brother randy, the one who memorably pigs out on mashed potatoes. >> good! that's my piggy. did you ever think of asking a stunt man to do that for you? >> no, i never want a stunt man to do that. >> reporter: you do your own stunts? >> yeah. >> reporter: what's your motivation? >> um, what do you mean by "motivation"? >> i don't even know what i'm asking. whatever you're doing, it's great. this family favorite was a series of stories written by radio commentator gene shepherd in, of all places,play bog magazine. the stories became a book which then became a movie. >> rose fudge! >> reporter:
FOX News
Dec 21, 2012 3:00am PST
the movie starring peter billingsley. you will talk about that on the radio. >> brian: you know how you come on the radio on a weekly basis. >> steve: kilmeade and friends. you need friends on the radio. >> brian: i would hope you would be the friend and not the one playing on the radio. six years we are doing and now there is a problem with xm portion of sirius . on satellite it is so important. xm, the talks have broken off. >> steve: talking about pulling the plug on fox news talk. allep combs and dave ramsey and job gibson. >> allyson: and your show. it is beautiful about it it makes news every week. >> steve: sometimes ally helps you with it. >> allyson: sometimes stuff we say have leggings. >> brian: if it bothers you. >> steve: if our fox radio. >> brian: this just goes dark and i want share this 1-800967-2346. call up and when it say listen say listen care and let them know how you feel about fox news talk going away. 1-800-967-23 46. >> steve: can i call after i get off the show every number. >> brian: you can call while on the show. olivia i am going to be on today. i will recap al
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)